Who We Are?

about the Company

AlRAMIQ CO. LTD Company, which is headquartered in Dhi Qar, was established in 2013 with limited liability.
Since its establishment in 2013, “AlRAMIQ CO. LTD ” has taken important steps towards achieving its general objectives, and it expects to achieve a wide and rapid increase in work projects. The company also owns, directly or indirectly, three (three) joint ventures.
“AlRAMIQ CO. LTD ” operates through two sectors:
1- The private sector: by supplying the private market with various types of production, industrial and agricultural machinery and equipment, in addition to production laboratories such as concrete plants, pavement plants and asphalt plants, in addition to its recent trend to import various types of oils and chemical mixtures that the consumer needs in Iraq.
2- The government sector: by entering into various auctions, supplying offers, and service projects that are within its competence, due to its experts and engineers in various sectors.
Today, “AlRAMIQ CO. LTD ” is concerned with spreading in most aspects of development, putting its name firmly on the Iraqi arena, thanks to its support for the private and public sectors.
The company enjoys high responsibility and credibility, in addition to its continuous ability to open up and evoke what is new and developed, which made it the best partner for most project owners in Iraq. “AlRAMIQ CO. LTD ” also seeks to achieve further expansion on the private and public levels.
To be an effective and pioneering group in the field of heavy equipment enjoying high profitability and social responsibility towards its employees, society and the environment.
the message
1- Meeting the growing needs of the enterprise sector in Iraq.
2 – Attracting and retaining the best human cadres to become “AlRAMIQ CO. LTD ” the preferred work environment.
3- Meeting customers’ requirements beyond their expectations in terms of quality and service.
4- Applying the best international standards in the field of environment, health and safety.
core values
1- Teamwork: working hand in hand by sharing ownership, responsibilities and results.
2- Integrity: To display the values ​​of sincerity, honesty, trust and fairness when dealing with all stakeholders.
3- Transparency: enjoying openness, integrity and harmony in all our dealings, by communicating with others simply, clearly and accurately.
4- Respect: Appreciating and respecting all stakeholders.
5- Focus on customer service: Giving the utmost importance to customers in everything we do.
strategic goals
1- Meeting Iraq’s needs of heavy equipment and contributing to supporting mega projects.
2- Continuing to build the necessary standards in terms of quality and maintenance by exploiting opportunities for cooperation.
3- Continuously improving the performance of the company and its subsidiaries.
4- Expanding private and public sector operations and enhancing the brand name of the imported product in the target markets.
company management
The management members represent the supervisory, control and management team in the company; Members review and approve AlRAMIQ CO. LTD ‘s strategic plans, financial performance, reporting process, company’s organizational structure, supervisory policies, control framework, and compliance. All management activities are directed towards the general purpose of preserving and enhancing the company’s original values.
manager director ; Eng. Fouad Kazem Fawzan
Born in 1973, he holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Baghdad, and worked in his field of specialization in addition to working in the field of import and export after the regime change in Iraq in 2003.
The number of the company’s employees from all specializations is more than 79 employees distributed throughout the company’s sites, including laboratories and exhibitions.
The company now owns more than 250 general and specialized equipment and machines and production plants, the most important of which are:
1- Three interlock factories (interlocking bricks, kerbstone and external tiles) German-made with a very high production capacity and with specifications
European, where the production capacity of one line to 100 m 2 per hour.
2- Two ready-made concrete plants with a production capacity of 300 m3 per hour.
3- A fleet of material carriers (blowers) consisting of 50 modern-made Mercedes-Benz Actros dump cars.
4- Two laboratories for the production of gravel with all its classifications.
5- The company also owns approximately 30 mechanisms (Mixer + Crane) of various sizes and the latest models, all of which operate with a safety system.
Management of machinery and equipment exhibition
Where the exhibition management consists of (19) employees between a general administration, a sales and maintenance manager, and service workers whose names and job titles are shown below:
1- Sales Manager: (Engineer Hassan Allawi Kazem), born in 1988, holds a (Bachelor of Engineering in Software Science) and has been working in the field of sales for three years and has a real and serious desire to participate in Iraqi private and governmental conferences and exhibitions, in addition to his aspiration to deal with service departments inside Iraq.
2- The company’s legal advisor: (Haider Omran), born in 1989, holds a bachelor’s degree in public law, and works as a legal representative who reviews official and unofficial government departments.
3- The management department within the company and consists of (three) people:
A- Data entry employee: (Eng. Ahmed Allawi), born in 1989, holds a (Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering) and has experience working on computers, typing and data entry.
B- Data entry employee: (Alaa Ahmed), born in 1989, holds a (Bachelor’s in Business Administration) and works in the company as a data entry and representative of the company in government departments, in addition to his work as a postal correspondent.
C – Spare parts management employee: (Mohamed Ramadan), who was born in 1989 and holds a diploma (Diploma in Mechanical Sciences – Automotive Department) and works as a spare parts administrator.
4- Maintenance employee: (Maytham Hassan), who was born in 1990 and works as a site maintenance employee in the company.
5- Maintenance employee (diagnosing faults): (Eng. Abbas Kazem), who was born in 1981 and works in